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Choosing the Right Travel Luggage for your Outdoor Adventure

Are you looking to trek across this beautiful planet? Discover different cultures, listen to the music, see the art, and taste the food? Well, it all begins with your travel luggage, without it, you won’t get very far. At Elegant Bag, we believe that to get the most out of your travels that you need to pack smart and light. Sadly it is hard to fit everything that you need into a single piece of travel luggage, trying to stuff everything into a single travel bag requires finesse and lots of pockets. Not to mention other travel features such as sturdy wheels and lockable zippers, as well as durability, when you have to sprint to make your connecting flight you don’t want to be pulling a flimsy travel bag behind you! No matter the type of luggage that you are looking for, we have created this guide to help find the perfect fit for you.

Whether you are just starting out or a travelling savant, you don’t want to be stuck with cumbersome, poor quality travel bag that makes your trip less an adventure and more a hassle. Think about the needs of your journey; it’s ok to take time when you are ready you will be able to choose your bags wisely. Knowing what you are getting into and what you need to will help you decide between all of the different travel packs and features such as handles, wheels, sizes, and accessories. Let’s go over the following information and help determine which is the right travel bag for your needs.

1. Know the duration of your travel

The length of your journey is the most important factor in deciding on which travel luggage to acquire. If you are only going away for a weekend, small duffle bag or a lightweight carry on might do the trick. For a more long adventure, you might need the services of a piece of rolling luggage to handle all of your gear.

  • Duffle bags are great because the offer ample space to store all of your clothes and possessions and are easy to carry.

  • Upright Luggage is easier to move around thanks to the four wheels; they just seem to glide across smooth surfaces, keeping pressure off your elbow and wrists.

2. Check your travel destination and transportation

Are you going to be taking many flights and have a lot of layovers? Will your travels include bus and or train rides? If you are going to be constantly moving between different forms of transportation, then you will need a lightweight carry-on or maybe a travel backpack that’s easy to handle and fits in any overhead compartment.  

  • If travelling by plane familiarizes you with the airlines, you plan to visit.

  • If travelling by car or bus, look for duffel bags as you want to be able to get the most bang for your buck regarding space.

  • For the cruise ship, which stacks baggage in the boat’s belly before departure flat, rigid luggage is your best bet.

3. Determine your ideal adventure

Are you going to be camping in the great outdoor or staying at a 4-star resort? Depending on where you are going and how you are getting there, what you need and how much you need will vary. A traveller on the go with adventure in their heart won’t want to be weighed down, so they will need the lightest travel pack that they can find. For those who plan to stay at a hotel and take it easy, will more likely need a piece of rolling luggage.

  • If travelling to a resort and most of your time will be spent sightseeing an upright travel bag will provide the comfort and convenience to accommodate your trip.

  • If you are taking the road less traveled and will be out in the elements then look for a backpack or duffle bag that is water resistant or waterproof, after all even though you will most likely get wet doesn’t mean that your possessions do as well.

4. Lastly, your activity on your travel adventure

What are the types of activities that you will be doing and what will you need to pack to do these things?If you are planning on lazing around the beach, your suitcase needs will likely need to carry bathing suits and sandals. However, if you are looking to do any extreme adventuring such as mountain climbing or mountain biking, then you will likely need to bring a lot of gear and be travelling multiple modes to get to your destination.

    • If travelling to a climate with snow, leave the rolling upright luggage at home since the wheels are just going to get stuck and you will be forced to carry it around, putting stress on your back and joints.

    • If you are staying at a nice hotel, a dirty backpack might not send the best message, go with a professional looking piece of upright rolling luggage. You don’t want to upset the locals after all.

Every Trip has the right piece of Luggage

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for an entire collection or a single piece, planning ahead and being properly equipped will make your travels go smoothly. So if you know your needs, and you have read this guide, you are ready to choose the perfect piece of travel luggage for all the many adventures that are awaiting you in this wonderful world. Discover what’s out in the world my friend, there is so much out there waiting just for you to discover it.

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